Website Overhaul

Rambunctious readers!

Welcome to the latest iteration of my website. I’ve decided to change things up and move my beach towel beneath a new umbrella, Squarespace. Gone is the one that looks like it’s from 2012 with its Wordpress format and clunky interface. Hello, sleek new crop duster with Rolls Royce engine! In addition to it looking “I’m too sexy” on the surface, I’m hoping the horses beneath the hood will provide some new content and accessibility to my writing and the insanity that roils within my mind.

I’ll be adding more content than ever before with articles I think are worth reading, musings about films, TV, and, of course, books. And, as always, I’ll be posting about the life of an author trying to produce enjoyable novels while raising two loving kids, mad-mugging dogs, and the greatest wife in the world amidst the backdrop of a mosquito-infested, snow-indulging, breathtakingly scenic Minnesota.

So, stick around. Pull up a chair and a cup of Joe and let me entertain you like never before…